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Recovery Support

Are Toxic Mind-Body Patterns Preventing you from Living the Life You Desire?

Are you caught in a constant state of stress brought by physical and/or emotional pain? Do memories or belief systems prevent you from living the life of sobriety you desire? If you answered yes to any of these – then it is time to break the cycle!

The Sound in Recovery program uses specific healing and calming frequencies along with guided imagery to facilitate the removal of negative cellular, emotional and mental patterning. This clearing allows room for a new shift to take hold. A shift on living a life of clear intention, motivation and optimal wellness!

Sound-based holistic support is a safe and effective alternative to harmful, addictive medication and it offers bio-energetic complete support to nurture the body, mind and spirit.

Shift Your Frequency – Change Your Life!

The law of physics states that all material things vibrate at a particular frequency. This includes your mind and body. Your emotions and thoughts effect your body and your body effects your mind. If you don’t like the frequency at which your emotions or thinking are stuck in then change it. If you don’t like the frequency that your body is stuck in then change the frequency. Once you do, you will start to feel vibrantly better! This shift will leave you less likely to revert to the addictive behavior that work so hard to put behind you.

Sound in Recovery Program

An 8-week program provides clients with safe, non-invasive, effective vibration based technology that yields lasting results. Utilizes Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field and Cymatic therapy, along with traditional sound healing instruments and guided imagery for:

- Meridian and energy body balancing

- Focused intention and motivation building

- Deep relaxation

- Support for chronic stress issues

- Release of negative emotional and behavioral patterns

- Cellular detox and cellular optimization

- Resonant frequencies for vibrant health and peace of mind

- Non-addictive pain relief

- Lasting results

Pain in a woman's body

Natural Pain Relief

We offer a drug-free approach that utilizes advanced sound and vibrational technology to alleviate your pain while simultaneously restoring cellular integrity and overall wellness. Guided imagery accesses the subconscious mind to unblock trapped emotions or negative thinking that feeds our pain cycle.


Focused Intention

Spirit is nurtured during each session through a series of guided visualizations for the purpose of solidifying intention, motivation and purpose. Evidence in the field of psychoneuroimmunology has proven the mind to be an effective ally in healing the whole person.


I Care About you

Founder, Sharada LaSpisa

I care about your well-being and will provide you with an individualized sound-based protocol along with new thought tools to help you live the life you desire free of pain, harmful behavior, negative thought and emotional patterns. The Sound in Recovery Program at the The Sound Code offers alternative support to those living life in recovery. It is not a substitute for psychotherapy or professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Sharada is a certified Cymatherapist, Yoga Teacher & reiki Master.

Start Living a Vibrant Life Today!

One-on-one vibration based holistic protocols will leave you living a vibrant life full of joy, clarify, wholeness and purpose!

Is this program for you?

Start off with a consultation and Meridian and Chakra balancing session to experience a taste of what the Sound in Recovery Program can do for you. If you decide to enroll in the program after the session, your payment will be applied towards the total cost of the program.

  • As a professional athlete, I’m always looking for ways to increase performance and promote quick recovery. I had worked with Sharada previously using CymaTherapy for relaxation and pain relief and had good results. Recently I did an expanded PMEF/sound therapy session with her. After just one session of the 3 in 1 therapy I felt an increase in focus and energy throughout the day and a significant decrease in the chronic pain I had been experiencing in my upper back. I left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I was able to sleep more soundly than I have in months which plays a huge role in athletic recovery and healing. I’m excited to see continued improvement in upcoming sessions.

    Lindsey F.
    Professional Volleyball Player, Los Angeles
  • Experiencing Sharada's facial rejuvenation protocol was heavenly. While the Cymatic machine is enhancing your overall frequency and encouraging cellular regeneration, she did a gentle facial massage with essential oils. I noticed that my skin looked more radiant and refreshed and my body felt more relaxed when I left. I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone looking for a natural, pain free way to rejuvenate their appearance, raise their cellular frequency and create an overall youthful glow.

    Caroline R.
    Engineer, Venice
  • I had been seeing a physical therapist and podiatrist for my foot pain but nothing seemed to work. I decided to try an alternative approach and I came across The Sound Code. After 7 weeks of working with Sharada I found that the pain had lessened considerably. I was so relieved to walk pain free during my 3-week vacation to Nova Scotia. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a natural pain relief.

    Jean Z.
    Interior Designer, Santa Monica
  • I deeply enjoyed my first ever sound and vibrational healing session. First of all, Sharada’s whole demeanor and voice lent to a calming and peaceful experience. I loved the vibrations on my feet, heart center and head. I struggle with negative thinking and the sound vibrations around my head seemed to help a lot with that. A truly wonderful experience!

    Mia W.
    Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Venice


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